A Customer-­centric Strategy Drives Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Revenue

The Client

The client is a large regional health care insurer that boasts a suite of comprehensive services with a focus on wellness, disease management, and prevention.

The Challenge

Faced with new healthcare legislation that would create more private consumer marketing opportunities, our client recognized a need to develop a new customer-­centric strategy — one that took into account independent shoppers as well as the more traditional employer buyers. They needed help building and implementing a customer experience strategy and roadmap that would take them through the launch of the Affordable Healthcare Act and that worked to bring the consumer and employer experience to the foreground of their day­to­day business.

The Solution

We worked closely with the company’s customer experience program manager to develop their overall customer experience framework and to implement the changes across the organization. Critical to this experience was increasing customer visibility within the organization. Broadly, this was achieved by mapping the customer journey, identifying critical moments across the journey that could be improved, and capturing customer insights along the way to help keep a pulse on the customer’s needs and wants.

To help the client make a shift in the way it managed relationships, we established an organization­-wide customer experience strategy, governance model, and roadmap to foster a culture that centered its daily work on customers — for individual consumers and employers. By mapping the employee experience, we were able to help identify gaps where employee engagement could be enhanced.

To further drive visibility, we shared the new consumer and employer journey maps with the entire organization — not just with those in marketing or leadership positions. This provided employees with a better understanding of the end­-to­-end experience, from a customer’s perspective.

Finally, we built a multi­year roadmap that could be used to launch additional customer experience improvements, with a focus on continuing to build a customer-­centric culture.

The Impact

Our client was able to shift to a more outside-­in approach to launching new products, services, and initiatives. The shift was all about putting the customer at the center of its work and using consumer insights to guide decision making. By implementing a customer-­centric strategy, the company was able to increase customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty, and attract new customers.