Building an Agile Org Structure to Accommodate Future Expansion

The Client

The client is a pediatric hospital with thousands of employees and a complex organizational design.

The Challenge

Amidst rapid growth, the hospital was in need of an organizational redesign, coupled with a common approach and toolkit to accommodate future structural changes. Overall, the client not only needed an organization aligned to a common strategy, processes, and technology, it needed the ability to remain aligned through continued expansion.

The Solution

Our job was to provide leaders with a common, efficient approach and a set of powerful yet simple tools for using strategic organization design to optimize hospital resources and gain competitive advantage. We worked with our client to create a robust toolkit of standardized approaches and templates for various strategic operations. Standardized processes were developed for organizational current state analysis, business strategy development/alignment, org design, org alignment, mergers and acquisitions, and organizational change management.

We also conducted extensive training with organizational leaders, educating on aspects of change management necessary for effectively managing the organization through future growth.

The Impact

The client is now equipped to facilitate organizational design initiatives on their own without outside assistance. The immediate benefits realized have been: more consistent decision-making tied to overall strategy, increased efficiency, less rework and fewer forgotten issues on the back-end of org changes, better risk management, and better integration of newly acquired groups in the client’s culture, processes, and systems.