Developing a Custom Data Analytics Training Course

The Client

Our client is a large, well known auditing firm who boasts over 200,000 employees and works with companies around the globe.

The Challenge

The company was making a strong push to roll out a new data analytics tool to be used by engagement teams all over the world. Their internal Training and Communications function is responsible for building courses for a variety of internal stakeholders and was assigned the task of designing a Data Management course. They sought assistance with completing this task due to a short window of only five weeks, limited domain expertise in the analytics space, and workforce constraints.

The Solution

Our expertise in data analytics, training, and program management enabled us to help the client develop high-quality training within strict time constraints. We saved the client time and money by drawing on our analytics experience, minimizing the time needed to interface with external experts on the analytics tool. We reduced administrative time by implementing a custom speech recognition tool (built using the Google Cloud API) to transcribe meetings among subject matter experts. Our unique background in analytics training enabled us to develop high-quality course materials, ultimately delivering a two-day course that included a facilitator guide, scripts, discussion questions, and presentation slides.

The Impact

Strong-Bridge Envision rose to the challenge of time constraints and assisted with making on-time delivery possible. Drawing on our analytics expertise, the number of material reworks was significantly reduced, providing facilitators with high-quality content. Innovative ideas for manual processes such as automated transcription added value that the client would have had difficulty finding in other course development consultants.