Transforming IT Managers into Strategic Partners

The Client

The client is a global financial services company providing investment banking, private equity, wealth management, and asset management.

The Challenge

As the company evolved its business over the past decade, the organization’s Chief Information Officer wanted to grow his senior leadership team into a more strategic, effective, and productive group of executives. The goal was to move these individuals from their roles as managers within a “small IT organization” into directors, and a cohesive executive team within a growing business and technical environment. Ultimately, these goals would drive IT’s larger mission, to be a strategic partner to the business units.

The Solution

We partnered with the CIO to build a coaching program that focused on both individual leaders and the team as a whole. The program confidentially identified and explored each team member’s strengths and development areas, as well as professional goals and objectives. The one-on-one coaching sessions clarified a roadmap for action over a seven month period. We also assessed the leadership team as a whole on relational and task-oriented competencies. The assessment data revealed strengths and gaps, allowing us to customize and deliver leadership team coaching workshops to accelerate strategic alignment and delivery across the team and the IT organization as a whole.

The Impact

The CIO and his senior leadership team have formed a more cohesive, trusting, and productive working environment. Each team member receives continual evaluations and assessments to get measurable feedback from peers, direct reports, and supervisors. The program is effectively growing the senior leaders needed for the next phase of this IT organization’s evolution, rather than having to hire the talent from outside. Additionally, the growth of the senior leadership team’s skills has driven noticeable improvement in employee satisfaction and engagement.