Using Change Management Expertise to Maximize Employee Benefits Participation

The Client

The company is a globally expanding space and aviation company with revenue in the billions.

The Challenge

In response to significantly higher health benefit rates, the company was introduced to a new Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) with a target of 15% of employees enrolling in this option for 2018. Achieving the targeted CDHP adoption rate would save money for the client, enabling the preservation of other key employee benefits. However, the client faced three major challenges:

  1. This was the second major healthcare benefits change in three years; the first was a switch from HMO to PPO plans and was perceived negatively by employees
  2. Historical employee attendance to HR Benefits events and adoption of wellness programs were both poor
  3. Complexity of understanding CDHP/HSA options, requiring more active management from employees with the risk of being perceived as a poorer package despite the  increased value it delivered

The Solution

We designed a change approach to support the communications effort and drive adoption of the CDHP/HSA benefit option leading up to 2018 Open Enrollment. This approach included:

  • The development of a communication plan for Open Enrollment and managed executive approvals
  • Drafting and managing delivery of communications for all Open Enrollment-related executive communications
  • Management and delivery of a multi-channel communications campaign spanning in-person presentations, intranet content, internal newsletter features, and on-demand sessions.
  • Coordinated efforts with PMO team to ensure project coordination and methodology adoption

The Impact

With our partnership, the client was able to secure approval and begin communicating this change earlier than any other benefits announcements in the previous three years. Communications included 12 separate content posts and 80 live presentations attended by over 50% of active employees. One third of employees participated in Open Enrollment in the first three days, and most importantly, the client exceeded its CDHP target adoption rate of 15% of eligible employees.