Creating Internal Change Management Capability in Preparation for Strategic Growth

The Client

The client is a technology company that provides IT and infrastructure solutions to data-intensive organizations, helping them achieve innovation and speed to market.

The Challenge

Through multiple strategic initiatives, the company was transforming to provide a better customer experience in a reliable and repeatable way. This involved improving several internal processes. In order to be successful in these strategic endeavors, the client recognized the need to stand up an internal change management network and supporting toolkit, while considering the challenge of limited resources and change management knowledge and experience. It was very important to the client that the way in which changes were implemented fit with their small company and IT culture.

The Solution

We designed an Organizational Change Management framework to fit the maturity level and uniqueness of our client’s fast-growing organization. Along with the framework, a change toolkit and change network were both established. Through a comprehensive two-day, in-person training, the change network was trained on tools to embrace change, skills to lead others through change, the new OCM framework, and how to use the toolkit to embed OCM into their organization.

Developing the toolkit and the associated training were parallel work streams that relied on a strong partnership between the Executive Sponsor of the Change Stewards and our team. In addition to the toolkit and training works streams, Strong-Bridge Envision drove “change management of change management” to build buy-in and ownership of change management throughout organization leadership.

We delivered a condensed toolkit with templates and detailed instructions and conducted instructor-led training to all Change Stewards on leading and managing change.

The Impact

Training resulted in a high satisfaction score of 4.43/5.0 with comments indicating the level of excitement and understanding of the need for this new framework, setting the stage for a successful launch. We provided detailed recommendations on how to sustain change management, mitigate sustainment risks, and continue to develop OCM competency throughout the organization following a defined maturity curve. The client is successfully applying the new change framework to internal initiatives, and Change Stewards continue to develop their skills on the maturity path to change management becoming a true competency.