Growing Physicians into Leaders

The Client

The client is a pediatric hospital with thousands of employees and a complex organizational design.

The Challenge

The hospital’s Chief Medical Officer recognized the complexity of the organization and its effects on his physician leadership team, creating challenges around patient care, safety, and trust, and causing his team to prioritize research over developing their leadership skills. The Chief Medical Officer asked us to design an experiential leadership retreat that would challenge his team’s perception around “soft leadership” skills.

The Solution

We worked closely with the hospital’s organizational development function to design experiential activities that would create their desired outcomes. Facilitators used the Insights Discovery System as a foundation to the retreat’s key messages and activities. The physicians completed a 25-question assessment as pre-work, the results of which were provided at the retreat. They learned about each other’s preferences in communication, interaction, and problem-solving— then participated in activities ranging from easy to difficult to practice self-awareness and meeting each other’s needs. The activities were designed to provoke a level of discomfort that led to trust-building, deep reflection, and commitment to change. Participants were provided with leadership journals to document their experiences.

The Impact

The physicians on the leadership team have built upon their commitments and continued to use Insights Discovery to talk about their differences in perception and talents in productive and non-threatening ways.