Workshopping with Havertys to Develop Completely Revised Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

The Client

Havertys is a full-service home furnishings retailer with 124 showrooms in 16 states in the Southern and Midwestern regions. With a focus on outstanding customer service and personalized design, Havertys is one of the regions’ top furnishings companies.

The Challenge

As Havertys leadership evaluated internal and external messaging, it became clear that their mission statement could be retooled to better reflect the current state of the business and the market. For a multitude of reasons, this work can be challenging to accomplish internally— competing internal priorities, unintentional bias, and varying perspectives. To accomplish this, Havertys knew it would be important to work with a partner that could help them balance priorities, isolate their strengths, and craft statements that would complement all aspects of the business to set the tone for their future.

At our first introduction, it was clear that Havertys could not only recraft their mission, they could also develop new vision and values statements. This holistic effort would give the company a compass to align themselves and make business decisions, while providing employees, stakeholders, and customers a better lens with which to view the business. Bringing key leaders and employees along would ensure the spirit of the company’s goals and values were captured.

The Solution

Strong-Bridge Envision put together a custom half-day Mission, Vision, Values workshop for key leadership, who represented a broad spectrum of the company’s operations — from legal to sales to distribution to the customer.

The workshop demonstrated the role of each statement and how it would be used internally and externally. Each statement was given an exercise — a hands-on group or individual task that involved working through the foundation of each statement in the context of Havertys. The workshop was designed to be engaging, lively, and team-driven. Throughout the workshop, key words, themes, and ideas were captured in writing and placed on an expansive sheet of butcher paper, which was placed on the wall. The exercises and group work drew out the information needed to craft statements that would be true to Havertys.

With all workshop materials, notes, and feedback in hand, we set to work crafting the first version of statements. From there, we worked with Havertys closely to iterate the statements into their final form.

Havertys then shared their new mission, vision, and values statements at their annual conference, attended by hundreds of team members from all locations. In an hour-long session, Havertys leadership and we facilitated a discussion that shared these statements in context— what they mean, how they will be used, and why they were written. We then invited audience members to share their own stories and experiences that they believe demonstrate the company’s vision, mission, and values.

The Impact

The outcome of all of this work is a strong set of statements that the company is using to set the tone for their day-to-day work, and to shed some needed perspective on their vision for the future. By involving a diverse group of people in the process, and by sharing broadly with the company, Havertys helped to ensure that the statements we created stayed true to the Havertys brand, history, and future.