Optimizing a Finance Organization to Realize Unprecedented Savings

The Client

The client is a global financial services company providing investment banking, private equity, wealth management, and asset management.

The Challenge:

As the company grew, demand grew to make its finance organization more efficient and capable of scaling without adding headcount. The challenge was to drive a culture of efficiency, identify new ways of working, and re-examine organization structure, roles and processes. The CFO leading the charge for this scalability was working under a mandate from the CEO to turn the finance organization around to meet the company’s expanding needs for the department’s services, and do it all while growing at a rate far less than the business units it was supporting.

The Solution

We partnered with the CFO and his team to evaluate their needs, understand the organization’s strategic goals, and determine the best approach. Taking the company’s overall strategy into account, we created a roadmap for the finance organization to build the needed capacity, competencies, and structure. Strong-Bridge Envision helped drive implementation of the roadmap and led the finance organization through a complete organizational design assessment using our proprietary methodology.

The Impact

In the first eight months executing the roadmap, we helped the client realize 12,000 man hours of savings in the department annually— the equivalent of 5½ FTEs per year or an added 60 minutes per person per day.