Operationalizing Analytics with Power BI Dashboards

The Client

Our client is one of the largest private foundations in the United States, with an endowment impact of over $7 billion. The organization makes grants and impact investments to support non-profit organizations across approximately fifty countries.

The Challenge

The foundation wanted to visualize its grant management data on an ongoing basis and analyze trends for insights. Achieving real social impact with a broadly diversified portfolio of grants and investments requires effective management and evaluation across many data points. Dashboard visualizations would be used as an exploratory tool to better understand the grant creation and management process.

The Solution

Our analytics team leveraged existing grant data and derived new calculations, which helped to define grant health and utilization. Working with a core team, we customized several dashboards based on user feedback and increased functionality over time in an iterative process. Power BI Training was provided to equip the core team with the tools needed to manage and maintain the dashboard going forward. The final dashboard included four reports tailored to various parts of the grant management process, including portfolio overview, dollar analysis, organizational relationships, and amendments.

The Impact

These dashboards allowed the client to focus on specific parts of the process and increase transparency for important outcomes. The organization invests a significant amount in ambitious, transformative changes. Using Power BI dashboards, the core team can analyze the factors, trends, or conditions that result in success with flexibility and ease, all without the need for expensive licenses.