Product Visibility Leads to Business Efficiency

The Client

The company is a global smartphone OEM that enjoys generous market share and a reputation for innovation.

The Challenge

The company had a large number of devices going to market but not much visibility into the launch status of those devices — delivery dates, milestones, or common practices. Certainly there was a great amount of dedication in the product teams for each device, but, with disparate processes, gathering comprehensive information was a chore. Customers of the manufacturer also got an uneven experience from device to device. As a result, the company asked us to consolidate the process and practices to provide them a single view of the device line, and to streamline a more consistent experience between the product teams and their retail partners.

The Solution

Listening to each team, we gathered the core processes and cherry-picked best practices from each team. We established a roadmap and dashboard that brought to the surface critical visibility for all products, including delivery dates and progress points. The dashboard brought all key information points into a single view, making it easy to see all devices, what was coming out, order of release, and the person responsible. This uniformity in the process would also help the company create more consistent experiences with their retail clients, regardless of what device team they were talking to.

To ensure clear understanding and adoption, we brought together product teams to train them on the process. Each person would walk away “certified” in the way things were to be done. They also received a printed Quick Reference Guide that they could keep and put on their wall — something that outlined the stages, steps to take, and deliverables that needed to be produced.

The Impact

The company’s retailer experience was vastly improved, with a clear and consistent language and process across devices. In addition, the company’s global strategy was informed by the roadmap. With greater visibility into the volume and diversity of their device mix, they were able to make judicious decisions in product strategy, including streamlining their product line into fewer, higher quality devices.