Program Optimization Helps Insurer Break into New Digital Market

The Client

This insurer created a niche in the marketplace by creating a digital solution to small business insurance— allowing business to research, shop, and purchase online.

The Challenge

This company saw an opportunity in the insurance market. Business ownership policies required complicated application and purchase processes that often meant sitting down with an agent and answering a series of cumbersome questions. They wanted to bring the process online to make it easier for customers to sign up for coverage. This would mean bringing sales, billing, and customer support all online.

Because the client knew the insurance industry, and not so much about selling goods and services online, they needed outside partners to help them. They hired a large consulting company as well as a technology partner. The consulting company would serve as their PMO office and as a business analyst, communicating business requirements to the technology team.

As the launch of their new online presence began to fall off schedule, company leadership became concerned. Their consulting dollars didn’t seem to be going as far as they should. Made up of fairly junior people, the consulting team lacked the breadth of experience and knowledge to push back when things weren’t going well.

The Solution

We identified inefficiencies between business leadership and the execution on the technology front. Amidst all of this, the company also discovered that the technology company had not designed the platform to be scalable. During a tumultuous time, we stepped in to help them more clearly carry their original strategy through to execution.

We helped both sides communicate more effectively. We took business priorities and turned them into project plans. We turned business requirements into technology requirements. Most importantly, our consultants kept the lines of communication open, allowing the business and technology leaders to communicate better and more regularly. Efficient, documented communication got the project back on track and running smoothly.

We also provided valuable digital marketing and website analytics recommendations to make the project more successful.

The Impact

Our senior, seasoned consultants saved the company money, but perhaps most importantly enabled the company to reach its objectives more efficiently by streamlining their processes and developing effective project plans.