Proving the Value of a New HRIS for a Top-Rated Resort

The Client

The client is a top-rated ski resort operator with an employee base of several thousand in locations across the US and Canada.

The Challenge

The client had recently worked with us to implement a new HRIS, converting employee data from legacy systems to the cloud. Wanting to become a more analytical organization, the client asked for help in utilizing their employee data to improve operations.

The Solution

We worked with the client to identify KPIs and employee demographics of interest. We planned out how best to retrieve the needed data and built queries to do so. We used Power BI and R-Studio to create a holistic view across their resort properties, with metrics such as average age by job function, employee tenures, gender pay differences, and organizational hierarchy network visuals. This understanding would not have been possible prior to the HRIS implementation. An HR Analytics process was also developed to become the framework for future operational improvement projects such as attrition reduction, talent management, and workforce planning. This proof of concept was designed to result in minimal impact to HR resources already burdened with heavy workloads.

The Impact

The initial HR analysis and process framework for future analytics enabled the client to get the most from their recent HRIS investment, without the need to purchase additional analytics software or capabilities.