New Rapid Assessment Process Accelerates Number of Projects Delivered on Time and on Budget

The Client

The client is a multinational telecommunications conglomerate that offers a suite of fully integrated solutions, including wireless, TV, internet, unified communications, and much more to businesses and consumers across the globe.

The Challenge

Our client needed an efficient and effective mechanism to rapidly assess and determine the viability, cost, and complexity of various technology and development projects being proposed to the Wireless Products and Services group.

Without a formal assessment process, there was a large amount of churn over products that never got funded, thus taking time away from other higher priority feature development.

There was also a lack of visibility into delivery commitments, dependencies, and budget within the organization, leading to missed expectations between clients and delivery teams— in fact, hundreds of annual programs and millions in budget.

In addition, a lack of visibility into common opportunities was preventing cost savings/strategy changes from being identified.

The Solution

To tackle the issue in a pragmatic way, we implemented a phased approach.

  • Step 1— Controls: Defined and resourced the intake process by creating tools and process
  • Step 2— Governance: Established forum to establish prioritization based on such factors as business drivers, cost to implement, return on investment, and time to market
  • Step 3— Optimize: Identified a supplier sourcing strategy and that would dramatically reduce integration issues and increase time to market
  • Step 4— Maintain, Train, and Continuous Improvement: Lead portfolio management planning across mobility products, including driving an annual planning calendar to create consistency across the team

The Impact

The intake process provided rapid assessment of new product ideas with feasibility, time, and cost estimates so product marketing could more efficiently and effectively decide to pursue the development of a new product or service— and prioritize funding.

The client also achieved better control over delivery commitments and “spend,” and was able to plan out common features to be developed across many different lines of businesses.

This project served to aligned Service and Product Development together with application roadmap development. And process allowed the client to accelerate the number of projects delivered on time and on budget. In the end, the organization’s product realization gained tremendous credibility.