Rapid Development Helps Launch Innovative Cloud Messaging Platform

The Client

The client is a global communications company that offers a suite of fully integrated solutions, including wireless, TV, internet, unified communications, and much more to businesses and consumers across the globe.

The Challenge

The client was running the risk of commoditization in the wireless space. To differentiate themselves from other competitive solutions, they needed to innovate. And fast. They sought to rapidly develop, deploy, and support a new cloud-based wireless messaging platform that would offer consumers the ability to access their wireless message from wireless phones, the web, and tablets — to never lose a message and to easily retrieve and restore messages.

Technically speaking, this was a massive-scale undertaking. Being an industry leader in storing messaging content introduced challenges such as storage and capacity, high availability architecture, and legal and regulatory requirements.

The initiative would require global program and project management across a number of internal divisions, a multitude of vendors, and a blend of both technical and business operations. To boot, all messaging initiatives needed to be in step with device manufacturers.

We were selected to lead this transformational product delivery because of the trust built in previous strategic projects, as well as a strong demonstrated capability in service delivery.

The Solution

In an environment where many teams needed to come together, Strong-Bridge Envision acted as the unifying force, providing:

  • Program management
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Project management
  • Product realization (interfacing between marketing and the program)
  • Requirements management
  • Test management
  • Operations facilitation and integration
  • Technical support to the systems architects and designers
  • Support for solution architecture and design

The Strong-Bridge Envision team drove planning and complex dependency mapping and executed a large-scale project and program leadership on all systems required for this service. The team also provided support for front-end mobile device applications and web applications, including device development.

Since we were touching and backing up customer’s messaging data, privacy and reliability were absolutely crucial. We interwove security, privacy and CALEA requirements at the get-go.

We also created effective processes and established roles and deliverables across the spectrum of all internal groups and vendors to hit the all-important goal of achieving time to market.

The Impact

Our work allowed the client to effectively influence the industry landscape in a mobile-first messaging world. Most importantly, we were able to deliver on time despite an intense and tight deadline, essentially helping our client achieve a distinct industry advantage.

Establishing a system for managing post-launch issues across all operational touchpoints further ensured success. We also enabled single-point portfolio management of child initiatives that ran in parallel and subsequent to the initial launch.