Social Strategy Creates Value, Transforms Customer Experience

The Client

The client is a large US-­focused wireless carrier providing voice, messaging, and data services. With a focus on customer experience and innovation, the company enjoys a leading position in the marketplace.

The Challenge

Over the years the company’s customer service model had changed to better reflect the realities of people’s lives — customers more frequently engage the company online instead of over the phone and use mobile phones more commonly than computers. Having developed a digital model for their business, the company was eager to innovate its online customer approach. In many ways the challenge was primarily operational, what we might call a “typical intrapreneurial difficulty.” How do we dramatically shift from a second­-tier endeavor to a leading-­edge online customer experience?

The Solution

We helped the company expand its online chat channel by building a stronger and more robust customer­-oriented strategy, and then helped align it with other digital customer service efforts including the web, social media, and mobile app. We also worked closely with the company to ensure metrics were common across each channel.

Achieving the company’s digital customer experience goals also required operational adjustments. To determine what that would involve, we began with an assessment of the current situation — examining when, how, and how many online requests for support occurred, surveying agents who used the existing platform to provide service, assessing the functionality provided by the technology vendor, and identifying other existing functionality that was not being leveraged. This allowed us to call out service and strategic gaps within the overall vision and to use data to plot a clear and sophisticated course of action for reaching their operational needs.

Continuing to tighten the customer service framework, we were also able to step in and assist the company’s social media team in their efforts to turn customer service on 24/7 and to slash response times — which required that the company more than double its resource pool, as well as address human resources issues, training, and reporting work streams.

The Impact

Online customer service for this wireless provider has changed dramatically. Now offered 24­ hours a day, customers can reach agents through online chat, social media, and mobile applications; and customers encounter a consistent experience regardless of how they engage. With expanded capabilities and technological tools, agents now provide online chat support to more than 150,000 customers each month, resolve their needs faster, and enable customers to self­-serve. In addition, the social media customer service team tripled its support capacity, allowing 24/7­support and the ability to manage tens of thousands of messages each week.