Creation of High-Velocity Software Factory Drives Consistency and Quality

The Client

The client is a multinational telecommunications conglomerate that offers a suite of fully integrated solutions, including wireless, TV, internet, unified communications, and much more to businesses and consumers across the globe.

The Challenge

To drive rapid innovation in the mobile product development space, our client sought to create a software lifecycle process that would be fast, consistent, scalable, and of the absolute highest quality. They needed a software factory.

The client was challenged with processes that were largely “siloed” by the organization, and not well integrated across the delivery spectrum. A single solution was needed that encompassed all software and hardware aspects of mobile along with the supporting Web, OSS/BSS, and network services.

Unfortunately, there is no guidebook for this type of large-scale initiative. Instead, the client needed to carefully architect an entire ecosystem of development. In addition, test and management tools were needed that could be accessed (and effectively utilized) by all parties up and down the product lifecycle.

The Solution

Strong-Bridge Envision stepped in as a long-time client partner to design process ecosystem phases with multipoint/Agile releases— Strategy, Plan, Source, Build, Port, Accept, and Launch/Support.

Everything was designed with our client in mind— a large, complex organization with established roles and specific requirements for success. We defined detailed roles and disciplines to support all activities across the product lifecycle. Vendors were carefully sourced to provide support to these roles and disciplines.

We integrated existing supply chain device-based processes and standards into the lifecycle, and appropriate tool sets were sourced for use by each discipline and role.

Finally, a roadmap was carefully developed to ensure successful implementation of the software factory.

The Impact

We enabled the client to achieve their strategic goal of defining a software factory approach to product development and deployment of mobile and web products.

Our work demonstrated the viability of the software factory process and its ability to produce high-quality software on a consistent and predictable basis.

This solution also provided a better understanding of the key roles and activities across the product development spectrum that were needed to deliver program and product success and was used a framework for further evolve the clients enterprise-wide New Product Development Process.