Stabilizing IT Operations after Leadership Resigns

The Client

The client is a national foods distributor who provides food and baked goods to over 400 restaurants in the United States.

The Challenge

The company was in a period of flux. Within a single month, their IT Director and Network Engineer left the company. They company also had an unfortunate history of understaffing that long prevented them from timely project execution, an unaddressed issue that was quickly coming to a head. A failed ERP upgrade threw a series of high-risk issues business at them— all at a time when they also needed to employ the same application for a new bakery. Not to mention that the IT department needed some practical assistance with the day-do-day— such as daily issue prioritization, planning, and tracking.

The Solution

We assumed the role of IT Director, identifying critical issues and risks through a 30/60/90 Day Plan. Priority was placed on system availability and revenue loss avoidance. We helped the client implement IT process to address critical operational gaps. These processes included asset management, computer refreshes, portfolio & budget planning, project management, and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes.

The Impact

The client was able to continue business while we helped manage day-to-day IT operations. Critical IT hires were identified and recruited, the ERP upgrade issues were resolved, and the ERP system was successfully implemented. We also helped the client create a long-term structure through governance processes, project portfolio planning tools, a formal IT budget, and a Help Desk system. The result was an IT shop that was transformed from critical failures, occurring frequently to a baseline of stability that could be used for continued improvements.