Standardizing Payroll through Cloud-Based Software

The Client

The client is a top-rated ski resort operator with an employee base of several thousand in locations across five US states and three Canadian provinces.

The Challenge

With several geographically dispersed resort towns, the client was in need of a standard set of IT tools and processes, but was unsure if making the switch would be a good investment. The company approached us to help determine just that, with the following objectives:

  • Determine the cost and benefit of switching to one standardized payroll vendor
  • Vet and select cost-competitive cloud-based software services including a pilot in select resort locations
  • Plan full implementation of new system if and when selected

The Solution

We helped the client successfully build the business case for selecting a new payroll solution, and through strict vetting, selected a cloud-based vendor that worked best with the client’s goals and budget. With the importance of customer and employee experience in the ski resort market, our approach had to include minimal disruption to customers while creating the same or better experience for employees in the key processes of HR, payroll, and time tracking. The implementation approach comprised of:

Building a timeline that minimized change during busy season to maximize employee adoption
Creating a training and communication plan for key stakeholder groups, enabling employees and managers to understand and anticipate the change early
Working closely with resort HR leaders, the software vendor, and software integrator

The Impact

The new software pilots in the select resorts launched on time, and early return on investment was consistent with the calculations in the original business case. The client was then able to implement the new selected software across all resort locations, achieving standardization and the planned associated cost savings.