Turning Around a Struggling Team, Optimizing Attitude and Performance

The Client

The client is a state government organization.

The Challenge

The organization was in need of coaching for one of its most critical teams— a group responsible for tens of millions of funding and transportation initiatives, the successes of which depend on an aligned and high-performing team. The team struggled with executing day-to-day tasks effectively due to overwhelming workload and intense friction between team members and team managers. The result of the friction was massive turnover and in some cases, the inability to deliver client services.

The Solution

We began the work with a focused one-on-one assessment discussion with each team member and leader. The findings and recommendations led us to design and deliver a one-day coaching workshop that included Emergenetics Personality Profiles for the team. Team leaders were given additional coaching and support including Hogan Leadership Potential and Challenge assessments and debrief, as well as coaching and development support to learn how to better lead the team.

The Impact

The team has stabilized and is more optimistic overall. Also, the team designed its own “best-team” state and action items to get there and stay on track. The division sponsor reports a dramatic change in attitude, relationships, and performance to date.