Using Journey Mapping to Close the Gap in the Authorized User Access Experience

The Client

The client is a large US-­focused wireless carrier providing voice, messaging, and data services. With a focus on customer experience and innovation, the company enjoys a leading position in the marketplace.

The Challenge

Authorized access is a challenge for many businesses— in other words, are the people trying to access account information who they are say they (in-store, over the phone, online, or anywhere else). To combat risk of all kind across the organization, our client regularly conducts their own internal audits, finding the soft spots in their processes and systems.

After a recent audit, the project management team assigned to close gaps saw an opportunity. By leveraging a customer journey map, they could better isolate the places where different roles and permissions definitions were causing challenges and opening them up for fraud, as well as creating an inconsistent user experience. Together with audit findings, the company could chart a strategic path forward. In this case, time was of the essence— this phase of the work was to be completed in just four short weeks.

The Solution

To organize their customer journey map exercise in quick order, we began by developing common customer personas — Account Owner, Spouse, Minor, and Personal Assistant (roles that would need access in digital, retail, and service venues). We also put together high level journey phases to carry the journey map through, including Discover, Shop, Purchase, Consume, Support, Pay/Bill, and Leave.

We then facilitated a cross-functional workshop that brought together teams and people from various internal groups who manage the systems and processes that produce the Authorized User Access experience. We also facilitated persona story development across phases, identifying prioritized requirements that promoted a positive experience for the critical moments of truth for the customer.

The session served as a way to inform the journey map, but also to rally people who do the work each and every day around the customer— their experiences with the company and how those experiences are impacted.

To make the journey mapping workshop actionable, not just an insightful exercise, we worked closely with our client to:

  • Instruct on the “living” use of the Authorized User Access Journey Map
  • Draft feature sets for input into our Agile Framework, to begin sizing potential development work
  • Correlate internal audit findings to solutions that were part of the prioritize feature sets comprised from the Persona Workshop Stories
  • Develop a framework for leveraging the Authorized User Access Journey as an ongoing governance tool for monitoring health and prioritizing

The Impact

This initiative was described by our client as a shift to considering an omnichannel experience that would be consistent for access management. In addition, the journey map, with current metrics on “moments of truth,” is now viewed as an essential part of ongoing management and prioritization.

With a map to visualize the experience, internal teams are now able to view processes horizontally, and how they work together, to enhance an end-to-end experience.

After this success of this initiative, the client is now considering a different measurement framework that can provide insight into how they are delivering to the customer’s expectations for key “moments of truth.”