Making It First to Market with Competitive Wi-Fi Call Feature

The Client

The client is a multinational telecommunications conglomerate that offers a suite of fully integrated solutions, including wireless, TV, internet, unified communications, and much more to businesses and consumers across the globe.

The Challenge

Few things in the wireless space are as important as being first to market. Our client strove to be first with an innovative Wi-Fi call feature, which they were working on in conjunction with a large original equipment manufacturer.

Because of the nature of this project — being first to market with an important competitive advantage — the initiative carried a high degree of sensitivity. This was true for both employees and partners, who would be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). These NDAs would make information gathering limited at times.

In addition, the client had an aggressive timeline — and were not willing to compromise their quality of service or reliability objectives. The timeline’s impact spanned the organization, including mobile development, marketing, network infrastructure, billing, e911, provisioning, and CARE.

The timeline was further constrained by an internal requirement demanded testing of three versions of the solution. In addition, standards for this feature and related security/compliance regulations were still in flux.

The Solution

NDA projects require depth of expertise and unwavering trust. We were selected because we possess both.

We drove architecture and design efforts associated with the IMS to Internet Gateway and associated program technical efforts, as well as e911 compliance. We provided program management of the entire lifecycle, IT delivery test management, CARE support, partner development, and third party development.

Critical path test issues were mitigated in relation to device shortages and a three-fold increase in test complexity due to multiple solution versions.

Finally, we guided security requirements and implementation, while also providing guidance so key aspects of solution design could be proposed to the international standards community.

The Impact

The client achieved their aggressive timeline and successfully introduced the first-to-market feature. It was a major win for the client and their device partner, and it is revolutionizing the industry.

We effectively managed and facilitated information flow in the strict NDA environment under which the program was run. The solution provided coherence and clarity across multiple solution elements, organizations and external parties, and vendors.

Furthermore, the solution enabled the client to lead in the standards community.