Wireless Carrier “Changes the Machine” to Vastly Improve Organizational Efficiency

The Client

The client is a multinational telecommunications conglomerate that offers a suite of fully integrated solutions, including wireless, TV, internet, unified communications, and much more to businesses and consumers across the globe.

The Challenge

The company’s size, complexity, and organic growth had led to organizational structures, programs, and processes that began to slow innovation and hamper effective communication. It was also manifesting in inflexibility when it came to changing needs, and added cost without adding value. In addition, it was adding up to hundreds of millions of dollars in resource costs and lost market opportunities.

The client needed to Change the Machine in order to remain nimble and competitive. An approach to solving the problem required reaching across all business and technology silos to gain a common definition of the challenge and an agreed upon solution that was coherent, consistent, and most of all, capable of being effectively implemented. Success would be derived from the engagement and support of the C-suite.

The Solution

We proposed to senior management a framework and approach for defining the requirements, issues, and implementation path, along with a timetable for the Change the Machine program.

This was highly strategic work that required a deep understanding of the client’s complex organization, internal needs, and competing demands. As a long time client partner, we were able to tap into our deep knowledge of the client, the industry, and their organizational makeup.

Alongside the client, we designed and facilitated workshops to collect the current pain-points, issues, needs, and requirements of the program. We facilitated the definition and prioritization of program goals and top objectives.

Finally, we delivered a comprehensive and employable plan for the development and delivery of changes that would effectively “Change The Machine.”

The Impact

Leaders from various parts of the organization came together, focused on the objective, agreed on a path forward, and committed to the necessary changes. We helped to create a positive and engaging environment for discussion and resolution of many hot button issues. Lines of communication opened up between organizations and leaders that had previously been limited or unnecessarily difficult.

We provided a clear and reasonable path forward to making the changes needed for the client to achieve their strategic goals.