Infographic: Are you just checking the box when it comes to Customer Experience?

Kirsten Torchalski

Danyel LaGow, CCXP, has spent the last 19 years helping organizations build cultural and systemic focus on customer experience (CX). It’s a big job – and she’s learned there’s a wrong way and a right way to do it.

“You can tell when a company is just checking the box when it comes to CX,” says LaGow. By checking the box we mean the organization is performing actions associated with CX strategy but not the follow-through required to create lasting change.

Organizations most susceptible to box-checking include those with siloes, making cross-functional collaboration difficult, and those who appoint someone to head up CX without necessary resource support. Fortunately, there are ways these organizations can overcome their barriers to dive into CX the right way.

Customer Experience: Is your organization just checking the box? Organizations everywhere are developing Customer Experience (CX) strategy. Some are moving the needle while others are going through the motions without real impact. This infographic shows how to spot the difference in aspects including Customer Journey Mapping, Ownership of CX, Employee Engagement, Executive Support, and CX Maturity Modeling.

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