Employee Experience Executive Roundtable

Executive Roundtable
Date & Time
May 2, 2019
8:00-10:00 AM
Location Coming Soon
Phoenix, AZ

Join us for coffee and breakfast, conversation, and executive networking!

In today’s talent market with evolving generational needs, employee experience is becoming a priority for organizational leaders to attract, engage, and retain the workforce they need to drive strategic success. As research continues to show the link between employee experience and customer experience, employee experience is increasingly recognized as a competitive advantage. Join executive peers for an engaging discussion about the importance of employee experience and how organizations are evolving to address employee needs in new ways.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Employee & candidate experience journey mapping
  • Leveraging HR Analytics to improve employee experience
  • Managing employee experience for a diverse workforce
  • The role of HR technology systems and digital transformation in employee experience
  • Relationship between employee & customer experience
  • Connection between employee experience, employee brand, and attracting top talent


Business executives interested in Employee Experience strategy are invited to join this event. This event is not intended for management consultants, independent consultants, or sales representatives.

Event Facilitator

Holly Pendleton

Director, National Accounts & Human Capital Management

Holly partners with leaders to get what she describes as “un-stuck”— moving toward a vision through transformational initiatives, including strategy, organization design, change leadership, talent strategies, executive coaching, and more. She believes that progressive strategy, organizational alignment, agile culture, and aligned organization design and talent strategies play an interconnected role in thriving forward. Holly’s expertise includes a wide range of industries at the global, national, and local level, including public, private and not-for profit. As a certified executive coach, she also brings an understanding of leadership challenges to coaching clients and brings a heart for your best interest to all client relationships.