Results-Driven Innovation: Measuring the Impact of Innovation

Executive Roundtable
Date & Time
May 23, 2019
8:30-10:00AM EDT
Davio's Manhattan
447 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10017

Measuring the Impact of Innovation

How organizations can link inventive behaviors to tangible outcomes

When setting their people up for innovative thinking, leaders need to know what success looks like. Innovation has leading and lagging indicators that tie to an organization’s bottom line. This discussion will focus on opportunities to quantitatively and qualitatively gauge the visibility of inventive behaviors, their impact on company performance, and the technology that can help along the way.

  • How can organizations detect and measure employee innovative behaviors from hire to retire?
  • How is innovation measured in the short and long term? What are the key behaviors and outcomes to look for?
  • How can metrics be used to detect where lower levels of innovation exist across value chains?
  • What tools and analytics can help create integrated, measurable employee and customer experiences?

About the Results-Driven Innovation Roundtable Series:

This is our Spring 2019 executive roundtable series hosted in New York City.

Innovation is the result of how work gets done across all levels of an organization. Innovative organizations are known to celebrate informed risk-taking, enable employee engagement and trust in leadership, and work smarter to outperform the competition. This means empowering employees to productively disrupt business as usual.

This series helps leaders leverage their in-house talent in considering alternative solutions, seeking fresh perspectives, and questioning the current state. Discussions will focus on the value of divergent thinking up, down, and across levels of an organization; and the realities, pitfalls, and opportunities associated with employee innovation.

Join the Discussion

All sessions are open to executives and senior leaders to join in discussion with their peers. To protect the organic nature of this conversation, this event is not open to independent consultants, management consultants, or sales representatives.