NYC Executive Roundtable: The Future of Work

Join us for breakfast and conversation on future of work topics this fall.

THE FUTURE OF WORK explores how trends in demographics, technology, and behavior will shift how we define and engage with work. The future brings some certainties: technology will be seamlessly integrated into how we create value, mindsets and behaviors will define our ability to handle fast-paced change, and personalized experiences will be curated with automation.

Another certainty? Humans will remain at the center of it all.

This 2018 roundtable series has ended – check out our upcoming events here.


All sessions run 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

(Passed) September 26, 2018: Cultivating Human Skills in an Automated World

How to prepare today’s workforce to thrive in a world of automation, AI, and robotics.

  • Skills needed to successfully complement the skills of AI, robotics, and new technologies
  • Culture of growth mindset and ability to manage high amounts of change
  • Next-generation learning solutions and curated training experiences

(Passed) October 18, 2018: Customer Experiences for the 21st Century

How to increase customer engagement and enable new generations to find meaning at work.

  • Customer experience: business case, roadmap, and ROI
  • Human-centered design and innovation for customer and employee experiences
  • Customization of customer and employee journey maps

(Passed) November 8, 2018: Using People Analytics to Thrive During Change

How to leverage data for predictive people analytics and data-driven change management.

  • Data to understand what drives people to stay at and leave organizations
  • Next-generation change management for large-scale transformations
  • Communicating your ideas through dashboards that resonate with executive leadership

All sessions are open to executives and senior leaders to join in discussion with their peers. To protect the organic nature of this conversation, this event is not open to consultants or sales representatives.