Innovation Infographics

How to drive, measure, and optimize innovation at your organization

Below are the downloadable infographic placemats used in our Spring 2019 executive roundtable series, Results-Driven Innovation.

Innovation is the result of how work gets done across all levels of an organization. Innovative organizations are known to celebrate informed risk-taking, enable employee engagement and trust in leadership, and work smarter to outperform the competition. This means empowering employees to productively disrupt business as usual.

The Results-Driven Innovation Series helps leaders leverage their in-house talent in considering alternative solutions, seeking fresh perspectives, and questioning the current state. Discussions will focus on the value of divergent thinking up, down, and across levels of an organization; and the realities, pitfalls, and opportunities associated with employee innovation.

Download our infographics to learn more:

Cultivating an Innovative Culture: How can leaders unlock their workforce potential by promoting creativity?

Measuring the Impact of Innovation: How can organizations link innovative behaviors to tangible outcomes?

Maximizing the Human-Technology Partnership: How can leaders used next-generation tools to foster innovation in their technology workforce?

For deeper discussion on this topic, join our next roundtable: Maximizing the Human-Technology Partnership, June 20, 2019 in New York City.

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