Our Community

Beyond our business mission, our purpose is to make a difference— to make a positive, lasting impact in our communities.

We put people at the center of our company — to co-create an environment where our people feel invested, and where every person feels proud to work. This is encapsulated in one of our most prided corporate values: Collective Good. We mean it to spell out our respect for one another, but also for our communities. Serving our communities is a vital part of living our values— being successful goes hand in hand with giving back.

In many cases, our work is happening right where we live. To be an active contributor to creating good in these spaces is, simply put, the right thing to do.

It is important, then, that we create opportunities between our people and the needs of their communities. Our people are active in selecting the community partnerships with nonprofits across the country, making it that much more connected, and meaningful, to where we are located.

It’s simple to give money — which we do — but it is personal when you’re rolling up your sleeves to help. That balance is what we’re after.

Our Community Partners