Business Optimization

Behind every customer interaction are the components of an organization’s ecosystem that worked together to create that moment.

Today, every company is a technology company. The more digital experiences are entrenched in our day-to-day lives, the higher our expectations for interactions with businesses become. No organization is exempt from the demands of a digital economy. And, those demands are far reaching: from customer interactions, to systems and process, to the people behind it all.

Businesses need to respond to these demands and make what they do work better for the needs of a digital customer. We first work to understand your business model, and what essential capabilities are needed to drive interactions, both internally and externally. We also examine behind the scenes processes and interactions, both through data and an honest review of what is working and what isn’t. All of this helps improve technology and processes for you and your customers— and for your employees, because engagement happens only when people are connected by the processes, and empowered to deliver on their value.

Our Approach

We are attentive to your culture. Nothing is more important when it comes to optimizing or transforming an aspect of your business. While there may be common processes and methods, understanding how you work is imperative. Our work spans multiple industries— providing not only practical experience but also the wisdom of how different cultures respond to change.

When it comes to designing processes and systems, making moments that matter for your customers while responding to their needs is where we start. Collaboration across Strong-Bridge Envision service areas allows us to keep customer and employee experience in the center as we develop optimization strategies for your ecosystem.

We have designed frameworks that allow you to dig into your strategic needs, decide what capabilities you’ll need to get there, and design an optimization roadmap specific to your culture. We jump into any part of your world—customer facing, sales/service delivery, back office, supply chain, production, or finance— with recognition of wherever you may be in your journey. We work with companies in start up, commercialization, reorganization, product launch, merger, acquisition, and expansion. Our goal for each of our clients is to develop breakthrough strategies that drive enterprise agility and optimization, aligning your organization to deliver the best outcomes for customers.

Our Business Optimization Capabilities

  • Business Model Development and Strategy Alignment
  • Business Performance Monitoring
  • Portfolio Prioritization Management
  • Capabilities Optimization
  • Enterprise Agility and Delivery Execution

Karin Thompson Brown

Business Optimization Practice Director

Karin is the Practice Director for Business Optimization at Strong-Bridge Envision. She has over 30 years of industry and consulting experience in controllership, strategic organization development, business operations, program management, and change management. She is known as an innovative problem-solver and decision-maker with a passion for systems thinking. Karin has the keen ability to look at the performance of end-to-end processes and how an organization is currently positioned to deliver on their mission and design short and long-term solutions to improve process capabilities. Her approach includes implementing meaningful feedback mechanisms into structures so that an organization builds the muscle capability of data driven decision-making.

As a strategist and coach, she enjoys working with clients and consultants to connect them to their personal, teams’, and organizations’ values and design optimization strategies that work together. Outside of work, Karin is just as passionate about making an impact. She mentors leaders in her community on how they can bring their authentic selves into the work that means the most to them. She and her husband are actively involved in transforming education in their local school district through a strengths-based engagement model.