Talent & Organization Performance

Your people are one of your biggest and most important competitive differentiators. Invest in your talent, and the business results will follow.

Digital is transforming the way people work and the speed at which they are expected to deliver. To maximize success, quickly adapting to rapid change is critical. But it’s also complex— involving an ecosystem of employee interactions, ways of working, organizational culture, processes and behaviors that have been built over time.

Our three Talent and Organization Performance services are assembled to help navigate our clients through the challenges of digital transformation. Our experience has taught us that your organization stands the best chance of moving ahead when your leadership is prepared and empowering, and your people are capable of embracing change and adapting without impacting on-going business in the meantime.

Our Approach

We start by comprehensively learning about what is happening in your business, the indicators of your culture, and the needs and expectations of your people. We’re experienced in a variety of assessment tools, methodologies, and analytics— and since we aren’t constrained to only one approach, we build a custom action plan for each client to best fit their culture, needs, and current state. Our consultants have strong business acumen; a product of working in many industries and on varied projects within an organization. They bring that expertise to your business, delivering pragmatic, proven solutions to your challenges. That keen sense of business is blended with meaningful real-world experience to provide the necessary perspective on how change impacts companies, and the relationship of that change to its talent. Simply stated: we can walk in an employee’s shoes while also addressing the challenges and expectations of a CEO.

Organizational Change Management

Being nimble and adaptive separates high performers from the rest. All change efforts may generate resistance and dips in productivity to some degree. We help organizations better handle transformation and achieve faster recovery time by creating change agility at all levels. We approach transformation with a consistent, flexible structure aimed at maximizing adoption and minimizing disruption through alignment, agility, engagement, and education.

Our organizational change management services include:

  • Change Planning and Transformation Roadmapping
  • Change Network Design & Deployment
  • Change and Business Readiness
  • Communications Planning and Development
  • Employee Education; Training Development & Facilitation
  • Go-Live Execution
  • Change Management Capability & Change Management Function Creation

Human Capital Management

Over time, organizations become siloed, HR teams become overburdened, systems become outdated, and former ways of working simply don’t meet the needs of a digitally focused world of rapid change. We help organizations course-correct, making data-driven decisions to unlock new efficiencies within their organizations. Our Human Capital services are designed to meet you where you are and walk with you into a future of optimized performance, through improved operations, attraction, development and engagement of your talent.


  • HR Strategy and HR Service Delivery
  • Employee Experience Design
  • Talent Development and Workforce Planning
  • Culture Change
  • HR Technology, HRIS, and People Analytics
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Organizational Assessment and Organizational Design Effectiveness

Coaching and Leadership Development

Great leaders don’t just “attain results” through their people— they motivate, inspire, and mentor. As a result, these leaders achieve better outcomes than anyone anticipates. And, as more leaders lean into retirement, it becomes increasingly important to build these leadership qualities in a growing base of future leaders. Doing so can take many forms— but, without question, cultivating leadership must always fit your organizational culture, behavior, succession plans, and budget. We work closely with you to identify the best possible fit, with an emphasis on what you’re trying to achieve through the development of your people.


  • Executive Coaching
  • New Leader Acceleration Program
  • Leadership Development Programming (custom and off-the-shelf)
  • Team & Group Coaching
  • Team Formation and Development
  • Individual & Team Assessments
  • Expert Facilitation

Alain Paolini

Practice Director, Talent and Organization Performance

Practice Director Alain Paolini has extensive U.S. and international experience in talent management, organizational change management, and sales/operations performance. His career is defined by these endeavors. It has also made him highly sought after for his expertise, and his ability to lead change, as well as shape, manage, and deliver on large-scale transformation. In his career, Alain has led nine business transformations, and created and implemented more than 25 talent management programs for sales, operations, and management workforces. Alain has held several senior Consulting and Corporate roles, including as a Partner/Senior Executive with Accenture, and as a Vice-President with Level 3 Communications/CenturyLink.

When he’s not at work, Alain enjoys catching a movie, watching sports, and indulging in some good dark chocolate. He’s also a skilled storyteller; to him, everything is a story waiting to be told. He has held several non-profit board positions, and is the current Board Chair for Girls Inc. of Metro Denver. and referees youth soccer games. He and his wife also stay busy with two teenagers, whom he believes make their lives a pretty great adventure. Alain earned his B.A. in International Business from NEOMA Business School, Rouen, France and an M.S. in Industrial Administration from Purdue University.