Technology Enablement

Technology creates powerful connections with your customers, your employees, and the marketplace. The biggest challenge today is how quickly you can deliver.

As the pace of technology continues to accelerate, time can make or break the relevancy of your solution. Whether you’re a Fortune 100 company or start-up, your speed to market is often what defines your success. This is true across all industries, but especially so when it comes to digital transformation, as the scale of change is amplified.

While every technology initiative is different (and business critical) in its own way, we are often able to find ways to speed up your time to market without compromising quality, regardless of how complex your project may be. Our years and breadth of experience across verticals help our clients design and deliver on their most pressing technology needs— to do business better, meet customer needs and expectations, and help teams and organizations work better together. And to make it all happen faster.

Our Approach

The most important first move is to understand the motivation for our clients’ technology initiatives. While that might sound simple, it’s a request that requires you to stand still (briefly) when you’re ready to move forward. But by doing so, we are able pull on the expertise of our other service areas to create a partnership that balances all aspects of your business. We end up with a better grasp of the business implications, the impact on teams and people, and the expectations of the marketplace and your customers. We are then able to explore the solution that will give you the best return on your technology investment.

When it comes to delivery, our focus is both rigorous and nimble, pairing our expertise with the most current methodologies for the technology being deployed. Our project and program management methodologies ensure the strategies we recommend are ones that can be delivered in a reasonable timeframe and at a realistic cost. Our consultants are well-versed across delivery methodologies including agile, waterfall, and DevOps. Still, we’re not constrained to a particular approach, so we meet your teams where they are and work side-by-side toward the end solution.

Our Technology Enablement Capabilities

  • Solution and technical architecture (complex systems implementation, IoT, mobile, microservice architectures)
  • Technology assessments and roadmapping
  • Complex system program and project management (e.g. CRM, ERP, and more)
  • Product delivery transformation leveraging Agile, Waterfall, and DevOps delivery models
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Complex system integration
  • Test automation services
  • Cloud enablement and migration services
  • Infrastructure virtualization and management
  • Business intelligence, data visualization, and advanced analytics
  • Software selection and implementation (such as CRM, HRIS, Billing Systems, and more)

Featured Offerings

Rapid Data Visualization

Gain powerful infights, fast with our Rapid Data Visualization package. In only two business days, we’ll produce six visualizations from a data set of your choice. From there, we’ll help you identify further analysis opportunities and business impacts.


Kent Corley

Practice Director, Technology Services

Kent has many years of experience in building and deploying complex technology solutions in a variety of industries, using on premises and cloud-based delivery models. Kent started his career as a software developer, working with several large telecommunication carriers. He then made the move to consulting, working with a big three consulting firm and earning their “Master Technical Architect” distinction. After his tenure at a big three consulting firm, he helped launch an early stage cloud-based marketing start-up. Today, at Strong-Bridge Envision, Kent brings his rich experience to a variety of client challenges— helping them solve big business and technology problems, and plot a successful course for the future. Outside of work, you’re likely to find Kent in the great outdoors, where he puts aside technology to enjoy disconnected time with his family.